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Health Office » Cold and Flu Season Information

Cold and Flu Season Information

The Cold, Flu, and Allergy season is here. In addition, we still have to deal with COVID -19 to deal with. The symptoms are all similar and it is difficult to tell which virus is to blame without lab confirmation. The local health department requires schools to report COVID-19 and outbreaks of Flu, Strep, and Flu-like illnesses. If your child develops any of these symptoms please follow up with your child's health care provider and submit a lab report/written doctor's note of all lab results to the school health office. It is not enough to just say "it's just a cold" A potentially contagious illness should be ruled out, especially since there is currently no mask mandate. The overall health of our school community and loved ones depends on our vigilance to get vaccinated and report illnesses in a timely manner. We thank you in advance for contacting the health office with any sickness-related absences. Please see the Flu vaccine information pages for your review.