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Saint Dominic Elementary and Middle School

One Journey Through Faith and Education

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Mission & Educational Philosophy


The primary mission of St. Dominic Elementary and Middle School is to incorporate the teachings, values, and traditions of our Catholic faith into the religious, academic, physical, and social development of our students to prepare them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

We are dedicated to creating a faith community that teaches the dignity of human life and witnesses compassion and respect for others. Our goal is to foster a strong religious and academic program utilizing technology of the 21st century.


Our purpose is to teach the message of Jesus, to foster academic excellence, and to build community.

Education encompasses the whole human life according to the example and teaching of Christ.

A vibrant Christian community is essential to the spiritual development of faculty, students, and parents.

Each child is a person of worth encouraged to develop an attitude of acceptance of others.

Each child should recognize his/her responsibility to live a Christian way of life.