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Parent Association » Parent Association By Laws

Parent Association By Laws

Parent Association By Laws

Effective May 1, 2017

The Parent Association (PA) of St. Dominic Elementary School (SDES) was authorized by the Pastor and Principal of SDES. It is subject to oversight, review, and modification by the Principal.



The PA is comprised of the parents or legal guardians of the students at SDES in partnership with the administration, faculty and staff.  The mission of the PA is to support and enrich the educational endeavors of the school.  In a faith-based environment dedicated to the education of our students, the PA must mirror the tradition, standards, and teachings of the Catholic faith. Through fundraising, teacher recognition, general support, school improvements, and volunteering the organization works to promote a connection from home to school. It is the objective and duty of the PA to keep in mind the welfare of the students with regard to all issues. This includes:

  • Provide spiritual opportunities and fellowship to develop a strong and meaningful Christian community among school families, faculty, and administration.
  • Provide a vehicle of communication between parents and the school.
  • Provide support for SDES fundraising activities, both by active participation by PA members and in arranging support from other PA members.
  • Plan and coordinate PA fundraising and community building activities.
  • Provide interesting and informative programs relevant to the needs of the school community.
  • Promote and provide opportunities of community service for students.
  • Create an appreciation for Catholic education.



All parents and guardians of students of SDES are automatically members of the PA and are encouraged to actively participate in the activities of the PA.*

  • The PA will be run by the Parent Association Executive Board. The PA Executive Board will be overseen by the Principal. The Principal may designate faculty or staff members as the liaisons to the PA.   
  • The PA will have a Board of Directors consisting of the following Executive Officers:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Recording Secretary.
  • The PA may have additional elected or appointed Executive Board Members, one of whom will be the Class Parent Coordinator.
  • The PA will form Committees for specific types of service, projects, or events. Each committee will have two co-Chairs and will seek volunteers for the work of the Committee.


All officers of the Parent Association Executive Board serve two-year terms, beginning May 1st and ending April 30th. Term limits for each officer position shall be two consecutive terms. In March of the end of each term year, the Principal and President will meet to consult about candidates for the President position. The President will be appointed by the Principal. The Principal and President will consult and agree on the remaining officer positions. If the positions are not filled, in April of each school year there will be a nominating and voting process for the Executive Board Officers, managed by the Principal. The Principal may fill any open position with a candidate if the election is inconclusive.

In April of each school year there will be a nominating and voting process for the Executive Board Member, managed by the Principal. The Principal may fill any open position with a candidate if the election is inconclusive.


Duties of Executive Officers:

President: The President shall preside over all meetings of the association. The President shall provide leadership for its members. The President shall nominate chairpersons of PA committees and event committees, who shall be subject to approval by the Principal. The President shall delegate responsibilities to other PA members and shall encourage meaningful participation in all parent activities.  The President shall meet regularly with the Executive Board in accordance with these bylaws to plan the agenda for the general membership meetings.  The President shall assist with the transfer of records to the incoming PA Executive Board by May 1st.

Vice President: The Vice President shall assist the president and shall assume the President’s duties in his/her absence or at the President’s request. The Vice President shall assist with the transfer of records to the incoming PA Executive Board. The Vice President shall be responsible for reviewing, maintaining, and responding to all correspondence to the PA.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall maintain an accounting and records of all PA fundraising events and financial transactions. The Treasurer shall provide such records to the President and Principal at the conclusion of each event. The Treasurer shall collect and retain all funds associated with an event, and deliver those funds to the Principal with the accounting record of the event.

Recording Secretary: The Recording Secretary shall maintain the official record (minutes) of the proceedings and actions of all PA meetings.  The responsibilities include the preparation of notices, agendas, signs and materials distributed.  The Recording Secretary shall prepare and read the minutes of each general meeting and shall make copies of the minutes available upon request.    The Recording Secretary shall maintain files on all mail and correspondence, which must be kept on file in the school. The Recording Secretary shall assist with the transfer of all Parent records to the incoming Board.



The PA and Principal will establish Committees each year to meet the structural needs of the PA. Committee members reach collective agreement about the responsibility and actions of the Committee and ensure such actions are undertaken in the best interest of the school.  The PA Executive Board and the Principal will provide guidance and support to Committee members. Membership on Committees is open to all parents/guardians. Each Committee will have a two Committee Chairpersons. The meeting dates and work of the Committee will be determined by the Co-Chairs and the President. The Committee will automatically dissolve when its responsibility is completed. At least one Committee Chairperson should be present during the monthly PA meetings to serve as a representative for their committee.



The PA has a distinct role in supporting SDES through fundraising events. These events are separate from such events as may be organized by the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs. PA fundraising events organized and executed by the PA Executive Board and its members for the general support of our educational program and mission. The PA is also expected to actively support events organized by the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs by communicating to the community, arranging for volunteers, donors, and contributions, and acting otherwise as requested by the Principal.

The PA is encouraged to develop and sponsor non-fundraising PA events as well. The purpose of these events is to support the community of SDES and may include workshops, presentations, community building, and social events. These events are subject to approval by the Principal.