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Saint Dominic Elementary and Middle School

One Journey Through Faith and Education

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Artist Statement: My art is a reflection of my life. A personal journey which draws inspiration from my relationships, positive energy, appreciating the moment, learning from my mistakes, accepting life’s imperfections and looking forward to new experiences and challenges. Consistently reflecting on my personal journey has allowed me to be a grateful person and influences the creative artist inside me. The essence of my artistic vision is embracing my emotional connection to a particular image or set of images. The emotional connection is not easy to describe, and is more of a feeling that I am able to capture in the image.

As I evolve and grow as a person so does my art. The ability to transcend my thoughts into art allows for a freedom that gives me peace and allows me to process “My Life” with a lucid mindset. When I capture my thoughts and experiences I use color, natural lighting and subject matter in hopes of feeling a sense of cathartic joy for myself and inspiring some meaningful thoughts and emotions for you.

Learning is a life long process.
I believe that learning takes place when a person is faced with a challenge. It is when that challenge is overcome that the individual has learned something from it. Teaching the students critical thinking skills and problem solving will not only help them in school but elsewhere through life. I believe that the students need to know how to dissect a problem and approach it from many different ways. Students are like a piece of clay that needs to be continually molded. I believe it is very important to instill authenticity in learning. We need to not only make learning exciting but also make it meaningful to the student. If the student sees how the lesson being taught relates to other aspects in his or her life it will promote better learning.

BFA: School of Visual Arts
Major: Photography
Minor: Fine Art
MFA: Queens College
Art Education K-12